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I have often had a client express that they thought of having a home portrait done in the past, but were unsure of where to start and whether or not they could trust the outcome. I assure you that I put all my heart into my artwork. An original portrait for a client is something I take very seriously. You will not be disappointed. You, or your gift recipient, will treasure these artworks and the memories they hold for years to come.


Here you'll find a few words of satisfaction from just some of my past clients, as well as a list of the professional "nods" I have received in the last few years. Thank you for looking!

"So glad to have received this drawing of our home for my best Christmas gift. You truly have a gift, Skip. Thanks forever."  - Wayzata, MN


"Oh my gosh!!!!! This is outstanding! I'm so pleased. Have you considered taking this up as an occupation? LOL Skip, it will be such an awesome gift."  - Alto, NM


"I just love it!!!!! Thank you so much. What a wonderful keepsake you have given us. You have mad talent."  - Wyoming, MN

"The Mrs. started crying when she opened your framed drawing. She couldn't talk at first. She hugged me 3 or 4 times."  - Tampa, FL

"Skip, you have such an incredible talent! Beautiful."  - Burnsville, MN


"It is amazing. I can't stop looking at it. I just gave it to my mom and she cried with happiness."  - Golden Valley, MN


"I gave the portrait that you drew to my boyfriend Saturday and he loved it!! In fact, now we are engaged!!"  -  Bloomington, MN

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