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The Sutton

205 E. 57th

Theater District, Sutton Neighborhood

(closed 2004, demolished 2005)


If you think the Sutton looks more like a bank, it was prior to becoming a theatre.  When the bank failed early into the depression, it was re-built as a single screen modern cinema and in 1934 when the Dept. of Buildings issued a Certificate of Occupancy for a 570 seat motion Picture theatre.  In 1990, it was twinned and the balcony was turned into a second theater.  But the balcony was too small with poor sight lines and an audience was too close to the screen.  So guess what?  The Sutton closed in 2004 and was demolished in 2005.  A condominium with great sightlines now sits in its place.

The Sutton


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